Two most significant social consequences of the industrial revolution

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The term Industrial Revolution, like similar historical concepts, is more convenient than precise. It is convenient because history requires division into periods for purposes of understanding and instruction and because there were sufficient innovations at the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries to justify the choice of this as one of the periods.

Revolution and the growth of industrial society, – Developments in 19th-century Europe are bounded by two great events. The French Revolution broke out inand its effects reverberated throughout much of Europe for. Preservation of Knowedge, peak oil, ecology - 1. The different mating systems in Western and Eastern Europe also have genetic and evolutionary (or sociobiological) consequences, which may have contributed to the West spearheading the industrial revolution.

The Industrial Revolution, powered by oil and other fossil fuels, is spiraling into a dangerous endgame. The price of gas and food are climbing, unemployment remains high, the housing market has tanked, consumer and government debt is soaring, and the recovery is slowing.

Social consequences of the Industrial Revolution

Two Most Significant Social Consequences Of The First Industrial Revolution. workshop of the world. The industrial revolution, as the transformation came to be called, caused a sustained rise in real income per person in England and, as its effects spread, the rest of the Western world.

The Social Consequences of Industrialization December 3, | Tagged factories, industrial revolution, manuel labor | 2 Comments With the new flow of technology and advances in machinery, businessmen could produce significant amounts of products in a shorter amount of time.

Two most significant social consequences of the industrial revolution
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Growing Opposition []