Social responsibility and timberland

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5 Ways to Create a Socially Responsible & Profitable Company

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Timberland and VF: A tale of merging two sustainability programs

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Centered on sustainability, their non-financial practices feature environment, safety, society, and health and difficult environment. Timberland’s CSR principles grow from this philosophy: Timberland’s commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is grounded in the values that define our community: humanity, humility, integrity and excellence.

For over 30 years, “community” has been synonymous with the ethic of service—the desire to share our strength for the.

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The Timberland Company (NYSE: TBL) appointed a former a former Dell (Nasdaq: DELL) executive to the position of Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility. Mark Newton will fill the position and be responsible for managing the organization’s four areas of focus within CSR: environmental.

On June 28,after the announcement of V. F.’s purchase of Timberland, the company hired a new vice president for corporate social responsibility, former Dell executive Mark Newton. Timberland?s dedication to making quality products is matched by an unwavering commitment to environmental and social responsibility?

to make things better for its products, the outdoors, and communities around the globe. On production partners, Timberland looks beyond factory walls to support its factory workers in maintaining high levels of social and environmental responsibility.

Inthe brand paired up with Planet Water Foundation to provide clean water towers in India, and they also partnered with BSR HERproject to implement women’s health education.

With more companies using social media to advance their social responsibility goals, read three case studies on how Best Buy is using a blog to promote transparency and ethics, how Timberland launched a branded website to encourage responsible consumer behavior, and how Starbucks ran an online contest to create winning solutions for reducing the number of disposable cups in its stores.

Social responsibility and timberland
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