Social intellegence theory

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Classification of Intelligence According to Thorndike

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Social intelligence

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Many of our social codes are shared with our location cousins, and so it is likely that many of our previous cognitive abilities are as well. Social Intelligence: A Practical Guide to Social Intelligence: Communication Skills - Social Skills - Communication Theory - Emotional Intelligence - (Volume 1) [Jonny Bell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Social Intelligence Provides the Single Greatest Path to Reach Your Ultimate Potential. With an enhanced social /5(45). SI is one of a cluster of "intelligences," according to the theory of multiple intelligences advanced by Professor Howard Gardner of Harvard University. Gardner's "MI" theory has become widely accepted in recent years, particularly in the area of public education.

Social sciences, and in particular, research on social intelligence, is today highly fragmented and different disciplines are sometimes highly disconnected from each other. The Social Intelligence Hypothesis is that (1) social intelligence, that is, complex socialization such as politics, romance, family relationships, arguments, collaboration, reciprocity, and altruism, was the driving force in developing the size of human brains and (2) today provides our ability to use those large brains in complex social circumstances.

of social intelligence and the relationship between social intelligence, self-esteem, and intercultural communication sensitivity. Specifically, this study has two purposes. The following includes a brief overview of the 5 main components (as stated by Daniel Goleman) of Emotional main identifying characteristics of Emotional Maturity are made possible by the Emotional Intelligence component.

Social intellegence theory
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