Social commentary in the canterbury tales

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The Canterbury Tales Summary

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character analysis The Knight Chaucer describes an ideal Knight, a "verray parfit, gentil knyght", who conscientiously follows all the social, moral, chivalric, and religious codes of conduct. Canterbury Tales, which tackles and successfully demonstrates various aspects to fourteenth-century English society and culture.

―The Knight‘s Tale‖ is no different; the tale is almost identical, plot-wise, to Giovanni Boccaccio‘s Teseida, and yet Chaucer weaves a tale that is distinctive.

In The Nun's Priest's Tale in Chaucer's

The Canterbury Tales was the "Daily Show" of its time - wry social commentary that, when presented ironically through a serious format, helped to underscore the absurdity present in the social. The Canterbury Tales: PowerPoint Presentation, PPT - DocSlides- The Prologue.

Review background info, social context, literary terms (frame tale, characterization, social commentary, allusion). Key Literary Devices.

Frame Story. Narrative technique in which a main story is written to organize a set of shorter stories, each of which is a story within a stor.

Social commentary in the canterbury tales
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Essential Chaucer: General Prologue