Overview of the social costs of white collar crime essay

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Explain how the example develops sociologically. Physical Costs White-collar crime has been defined recently as the use of a significant position of power for illegal gain that result in damage or harm to victims as measured by financial loss, physical harm, and damage to the community's moral climate.

White-Collar Crime White-collar crimes are crimes committed by people of high social status who commit their crimes in the context of their occupation.

This includes embezzling (stealing money from one’s employer), insider trading, tax evasion, and other violations of income tax laws. White collar crime most commonly occurs in companies with fewer than employees 75% of white collar crime is committed by men The typical perpetrator of white collar crime is a college-educated male of Caucasian descent.

Additionally, white collar crime costs the economy by raising the cost of services and goods of a country especially if the scandal is as big as the Enron scandal.

White-collar crime

Additionally, white collar crime decreases the effectiveness of conducting business in the long run in that there is a negative feeling of how business is done by large corporations.

As social bonds increase in strength, the costs of crime to the individual increase as well. The intellectual roots of social control theory reach back several centuries, but it was not until the middle of the 20th century that this theory began to generate broad interest among crime researchers.

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Overview of the social costs of white collar crime essay
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