Antisocial networking children and technology

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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

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Does Social Media Encourage Anti-social Behavior?

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Is Social Media Making Us Anti-Social?

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Internet Addiction and Antisocial Internet Behavior of Adolescents

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Kids Overusing Technology May Lead to an Anti-Social Media Trend

Technology is a major influence on kids. They mimic the behavior that are in the media. In today's fast-pace society children are growing up very quickly at an alarming rate and experiencing adult hood activities at a young age.

Technology may have had an effect on social behavior due to the online environment, and it might be unrelated to the lack of face-to-face communication (Diamanduros, Downs & Jenkins, ).

With platforms Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram all vying for constant attention, Charlotte says social media is having the opposite effect on her generation, making them more antisocial. Introduction of TOPIC. In the NY Times Article “Antisocial Networking” by Hilary Stout explains how friendships with teens and pre-teens develop through technology.

Nov 03,  · Internet addiction and the moral implication of antisocial Internet behavior will be investigated in this paper. More and more people use the Internet in their daily life.

Is Technology Really Making Us Less Social?

Unfortunately the percentage of people who use the internet excessively also .

Antisocial networking children and technology
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Does Social Media Encourage Anti-social Behavior? Multichannel Magic