A evaluation of arlie hochschilds social theory of human emotions

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Arlie Russell Hochschild

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Emotional labor

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A evaluation of arlie hochschilds social theory of human

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Emotional labor is a concept coined by sociologist Arlie Hochschild in her famous book, The Managed Heart (). Emotional labor occurs when employees introduce or suppress emotions in order to portray themselves in a certain light that, in turn, produces a wanted state of mind in another.

On this basis he defined his concept of rational interpretation as part of a theory of intentional social action. He wanted to emphasise the fact that human activity communicates subjective meaning, in other words the notion that the meaning of a particular act is to.

Arlie R. Hochschild. Professor Emerita. Research Interests: Family, market culture, global patterns of care work, social psychology with a recent focus on the relationship between culture, politics and emotion. conducted over the last five years and focusing on emotions, I try to scale an “empathy wall” to learn how to see, think and.

Dean () develops a theory of social media that is significantly shaped by the notion of affect. For Dean blogs are affective networks and circuits of drive.

Arlie R. Hochschild

It is this affective dimension of blogs, the anxieties as well as the enjoyments which blogs and their feedback loops produce that. While emotion work happens within the private sphere, emotional labor is emotion management within the workplace according to employer expectations.

According to Hochschild (), the emotion management by employers creates a situation in which this emotion management can be exchanged in the marketplace.

The Sociology of Emotion

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A evaluation of arlie hochschilds social theory of human emotions
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